These are STERN - BRASS COIN DOOR Complete Brand New Assemblies. There are 3 Pieces that have been Highly Polished ( And them Some ) - Brass Electroplated, as well as all the Plastic Bezels and Coin Rejection Flaps w/ Gold Mirror. The Back of the Doors have been Cleaned and Refinished with a Smooth Textured Black Powder Finish. They come with 4 Brass Coin Door Carriage Bolts Required for Installation. There were NO Corners Cut on these Doors…they are First Class All the Way. 99.9% FLAWLESS - They will Turn your Machine into an even more Stunning Work of Art. They look Fantastic even if you do not have Complete Brass Kits on your Machine. Even a Two-Tone look - Looks Incredible on all Pinball Machines.

Simply Beautiful Works of Art, Each Meticulously Hand-Made in the USA.


The below pictures are installed shots of our plating quality and to show you how awesome this upgrade is - these are the older style Stern Coin Doors. The new style you will receive is pictured above. These are the only Stern doors that are now made and the onles ones that we can buy to plate. They are the current new reproduction ones, as Stern has changed thier coin door style many times over the last few years. Your machine may also have different button and wiring assemblies, and may not be plug and play - but this is easily swapped out and you will have to use your original wiring harness for installation. It is all one assembly - and can be swapped out very easily. We now offer a service of plating your original coin door for $75 off retail price if you send it to us! For this service please email us for further details. =)


STERN - New Reproduction
Brass Coin Door Assy.