Pinball Decals, Inc. is proud to introduce NEW Optiflux Cabinet Surround Flash Kits - Specifically made for Individual Williams and Bally Pinball Machines. These are PLUG and PLAY Complete Kits - with a State of the Art Interactive Flashing LED System!

Each kit is specifically designed and engineered to the Individual Flashers of that particluar machine. This new addition will give your machine an Incredible new Look, Feel, and Play! Each LED set has it's own set of Molex Connectors - which piggy back onto the existing connectors in the backbox. Every time a Flash Lamp on the Playfield Flashes - It triggers a flashing effect on the Cabinet with the exact same flashing color! Each Board has a full color spectrum of LED's - And these kits mount with Included Small Mounting Screws - Or you could use large strips of Velcrove. There are 2 seperate LED boards - One Board mounts on
and one mounts on the BACK of the Machine's Cabinet.
BOTH go off at the Same Time with the Same Colors - Completely Interactive with the Gameplay!!!

EXTREMELY PROFESSIONALLY CONSTRUCTED - And they also include white tie wraps to make the wires all nice and neat. Each kit comes with Excellent, And Very Easy, Installation Instructions.


We currently only have 3 Videos of these in action as they are brand new. These are all basically all the
same - Just different colors/connectors for each machine as they have different color flashers
on the playfield and flash with different shots, etc...
Each unit is designed specifically for that particular machine.

If you purchase one and send us a killer video we can use for a machine that we currently don't have a video for - We will Refund you $15 or give you $20 of Store Credit!!!

Click Here for a Link with one installed on Theatre of Magic.

Click Here for a Link with one installed on Tales of the Arabian Nights.

Click Here for a Link with one installed on The Addams Family.

These Kits sell for $224.99 each, and are all found on the "Parts By Game" Pages.
Direct Links are all Listed Below:
We currently have these Individually designed for the following different machines:
Attack From Mars
Bride of Pinbot
Bram Stokers Dracula
Champion Pub
Circus Voltaire
Creature From The Black Lagoon
High Speed II - The Getaway
Indiana Jones
Johnny Mnemonic
Junk Yard
Medieval Madness
Monster Bash
Party Zone
Road Show
Scared Stiff
Star Trek The Next Generation
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Terminator 2
Theatre of Magic
The Addams Family
The Shadow
Twilight Zone
White Water
World Cup Soccer 94